SNCT Handbook

The Pay and Conditions of Service for teachers and associated professionals employed by Scottish Councils is set out in the SNCT Handbook of Conditions of Service.

The Handbook came into effect on 1 August 2007 and has been issued to LNCT Joint Secretaries. From 1 August 2007 the Handbook replaced the current Conditions of Service and all previously issued SNCT Circulars.

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17/10/17 SNCT 17/60 Allowances for Teachers in Remote Schools
17/10/17 SNCT 17/60 Appendix

About the SNCT

SNCT is a tripartite body comprising members from teaching organisations, Local Authorities, and the Scottish Government.

The 2001 teachers' agreement, A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century, introduced a new negotiating framework for teachers' pay and conditions of service.

The SNCT is chaired jointly by representatives from each side

  • Helen Connor (Teachers' Side)
  • Councillor Gail Macgregor (Employers' Side)
  • Clare Hicks (Scottish Government)

They are supported by 3 Joint Secretaries:

  • Louise Wilson (Teachers' Side)
  • Tom Young (Employers' Side)
  • Stephanie Walsh (Scottish Government).

The SNCT recently merged the 2 standing working groups Conditions of Service and the Review of Local Negotiating Committees into the SNCT Support Group The remit of this group can be found here.

The SNCT had established a short term working group on teacher supply. This group has now concluded its work.

2015-2017 Pay Agreement

At the SNCT on 26 October 2015 a pay offer was agreed. The SNCT also approved an evaluation and review of the impact of the Supply Teacher Working Group and a statement for managing teacher workload. Details of the agreement can be found here.

The SNCT has issued a Joint Press Statement which can be found here.

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