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Associated Professionals

This comprises music instructors, educational psychologists, senior educational psychologists, depute principal educational psychologists, principal educational psychologists, education support officers, quality improvement officers and quality improvement managers.

Career-Long Professional Learning

CLPL encompasses continuing professional development (CPD) and is the continuous process in which teachers engage throughout their careers.


The term refers to Scottish councils and local authorities as employers and education authorities.

Director of Education

This means a Director of Education, Director of Children’s Services or equivalent – for example, a senior manager of a council, normally second tier, who has responsibility for education services.

Education Authority

Here the term includes self governing schools and directly managed schools.


This includes both teachers and associated professionals who are governed by the SNCT bargaining arrangements.

Job Share

A job share is where 2 people are employed to share the duties and responsibilities of one full-time position and the salary is allocated on a pro-rata basis.

Job Shared Head

This defines a post where the responsibility of Headteacher is shared between two people.

Multi-Establishment Head

This defines a post where the Headteacher has responsibility for, and leadership of, two or more establishments.

Professional Update

Professional Update has been introduced to support, maintain and enhance teachers' career-long professional learning. (These provisions are set by the GTCS)

Protection of Vulnerable Groups(PVG)

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme was introduced by the Scottish Government on 28 February 2011 and requires teachers and associated professionals who undertake regular work with children to be members of the appropriate PVG Scheme.


Here it refers to the aggregate of a teacher’s pay but does not include any money receivable from an educational endowment or any additional allowance paid to a teacher serving outwith Scotland under an official scheme of interchange.


The term covers teachers registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) who are employed in a teaching capacity. This comprises teachers on the Main Grade Scale, probationer teachers, chartered teachers, principal teachers, lead teachers, depute headteachers and headteachers.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)

The GTCS is an independent regulatory body that is funded by the annual registration fee paid by registered teachers. The GTCS was set up under the Teaching Council (Scotland) Act 1965.

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