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  1. During a career break the Council and employee should where possible maintain informal contact.
  2. Prior to a commencement of the career break a meeting should be arranged to discuss how contact will be maintained. Both the council and employee should have an understanding of the nature and frequency of the contact.
  3. Communication should be facilitated, where possible, by electronic communications.
  4. The council will advise an employee on a career break, of vacancies and, in the later stages of the career break, of acting appointments, in service or CLPL where appropriate. The employee should also be informed of changes to the workplace or work organisation that may impact on her or him.
  5. Such informal contact, as detailed in paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 above, does not constitute “work” and employees will not receive any remuneration in respect of such informal contact.
  6. For the purposes of preparation for a return to work it shall be open to the council and employee to agree either a formal engagement during the career break and/or an induction period on return to work. A formal engagement will normally be undertaken in the 3 month period prior to the end of the career break and may encompass:
(i) Attending INSET days.
(ii) Team teaching.
(iii) Attending CLPL events, including annual review discussions.
(iv) Attending team or departmental meetings
(v) Attending a refresher course.
(vi) Work shadowing with a colleague or liaison with a colleague.

A formal engagement would be paid or subject to time off in lieu on return to work. An induction would take place on the commencement of paid employment following the career break.

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