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Promoted post holders in schools are placed on the appropriate salary point, as determined by the job sizing process.

The process is based on a questionnaire which captures information on the responsibilities of the post and, in conjunction with whole school information provided by the council, is then used to score the job through the Job Sizing Toolkit. The questionnaire and explanatory notes are provided at Annex A of this Appendix. Annex B sets out the job size scores allocation to salary spines.

Where a new post is being established or a vacant post reviewed, the questionnaire should be completed by the headteacher or senior manager and signed off by the job sizing co-ordinators.

The Job Sizing Toolkit can be accessed here

The data to be inserted apply to local authorities is not held by SNCT. It is solely for the relevant local authority to decide to release such data.

The use of the toolkit is entirely at the risk of the user and the SNCT is not liable for an infection caused by the use of the toolkit. The user is responsible for ensuring the computer system is adequate and for installing and updating virus protection software.

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