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  1. Councils will complete the questionnaire that relates to population, deprivation, the numbers of staff managed and budget. The completed questionnaire will be passed to the postholder to countersign. The questionnaire is shown as Annex A in this Appendix.

  2. The questionnaire will be returned to job-sizing co-ordinators to be validated. The job-sizing co-ordinators will be drawn from job-sizing co-ordinators appointed by the council and by the teachers’ side, Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers (LNCT), in accordance with current arrangements.

  3. Once the questionnaire has been validated, the council will score the post and notify the post holder in writing of the outcome, detailing the score, salary point and, where relevant, conservation arrangements.

  4. The LNCT should use established appeals procedures to deal with any disputes between a postholder and the authority on information provided.

  5. Posts will be subject to resizing if any change in responsibilities results in a change in the banding in any section of the questionnaire.

  6. Annex B of this Appendix shows the allocation of job size scores to salary points.

The Job Sizing Toolkit for Principal and Depute Principal Educational Psychologists can be found here

The data to be inserted apply to local authorities is not held by SNCT. It is solely for the relevant local authority to decide to release such data.

The use of the toolkit is entirely at the risk of the user and the SNCT is not liable for an infection caused by the use of the toolkit. The user is responsible for ensuring the computer system is adequate and for installing and updating virus protection software.

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