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Job Sizing

Promoted Posts

Promoted post holders in schools are placed on the appropriate salary point, as determined by the job sizing process.

The job sizing process is based on a questionnaire which captures information on the responsibilities of the post and, in conjunction with the whole school information provided by the council, is then used to score the job through the Job Sizing Toolkit.  The questionnaire and explanatory notes are provided in Part 2: Appendix 2.2, Annex A.  Part 2: Appendix 2.2, Annex B sets out the job size scores allocation to salary spines.

Where a new post is being established or a vacant post reviewed, the questionnaire should be completed by the headteacher or senior manager and signed off by the job-sizing co-ordinators, nominated by the Council and by the unions in each LNCT.

Job Sizing Review

There are two points in the year in which a review can be triggered, around the end of the school session to be implemented from 1 August or in December to be implemented from 1 February.  In normal circumstances a post can only be reviewed once in any 12 month period.

A job sizing review will only take place once the review criteria are met.  The review criteria refers to items in the Job Sizing Toolkit and should be read in conjunction with the Questionnaire and Job Sizing Notes of Guidance and Examples.

Principal and Depute Educational Psychologists

The Job Sizing Toolkit for Principal and Depute Principal Educational Psychologists can be accessed here.

The questionnaire and explanatory notes are provided in Part 2: Appendix 2.4, Annex APart 2: Appendix 2.4, Annex B sets out the job size point to salary points.

Posts will be subject to resizing if any change in responsibilities results in a change in the banding in any section of the questionnaire.