Working Group/Related Papers

SNCT Working Groups use papers as part of the ongoing work. Such papers are not normally published since they form part of the negotiating process. However, it is open to Working Groups to put working papers to the SNCT and to place no restriction on open access to such papers. Working Group reports submitted to SNCT meetings are also available here.

     bullet SNCT Support Group Report 10 September 2019 [10/09/19  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet SNCT Report of the Support Group 30 May 2019 [30/05/19  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT ]
     bullet SNCT Support Group 29 January 2018 [29/01/18  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet SNCT Support Group 23 February 2017 [23/02/17  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 05 October 2016 [05/10/16  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Supply Teachers Review Group - Progress on Recommendations [24/02/16  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 24 February 2016 [24/02/16  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 26 October 2015 [26/10/15  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 22 June 2015 [22/06/15  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 9 March 2015 [09/03/15  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 30 September 2014 [30/09/14  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 12 November 2012 [12/11/12  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 31 May 2012 [31/05/12  ...Joint Secretaries   ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 12 March 2012 [12/03/12  ...Joint Secretaries   ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 23 November 2011 [23/11/11  ...Joint Secretary  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 22 June 2011 [22/06/11  ...Joint Secretary  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 19 January 2011 [19/01/11  ...Joint Secretary  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 26 May 2010 [25/05/10  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 19 January 2010 [19/01/10  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report 061009 [06/10/09  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 270509 [27/05/09  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 280109 [28/01/09  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 25 June 2008 [25/06/08  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 26 November 2007 [26/11/07  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Report - 28 February 2007 [28/02/07  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Audit Scotland Report on Teachers' Agreement 131206 [13/12/06  ...Audit Scotland  ...SNCT]
     bullet SNCT Working Group Reports 131206 [13/12/06  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet Teacher Working Time Research Report [06/10/06  ...University of Glasgow  ...SNCT]
     bullet Working Group Reports [27/09/06  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]
     bullet SNCT LNCT Events 2006 [01/06/06  ...SNCT  ...Joint Secretaries]
     bullet Support Staff Report to SNCT on 17 January 2006 [17/01/06  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT Support Staff Working Group]
     bullet Working Group Reports to SNCT on 17 January 2006 [17/01/06  ...Joint Secretaries  ...SNCT]

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