The SNCT recognises that teacher workload is an issue which must be managed.  Whilst this has been an ongoing matter for the SNCT the Tackling Bureaucracy report and the 2013 SNCT agreement and 2013-15 Pay and Conditions Agreement (SNCT 14/40) have provided fresh impetus to address workload concerns.

The SNCT has previously advised LNCTs that workload should be referenced by LNCTs when offering advice on, and monitoring of, Working Time Agreements.

The SNCT has also sought information from LNCTs on local actions to address workload concerns.  This has included seeking examples of local agreement on a number of issues which may have workload implications.

In setting out these examples the SNCT does not commend any individual agreement: these are provided as illustrations of the outcome of collegiate working at local level.

In the sections which follow Workload best practice agreements are set out on a Council by Council basis.

Perth & Kinross 29/05/15 | | 4
South Lanarkshire Planning Position Statement 29/05/15 | | 8
Fife Planning Rationale 29/05/15 | | 8
Highland Planning in Primary Schools 29/05/15 | | 8
Glasgow Educational Perspective Report 29/05/15 | | 8
Dumfries & Galloway Guidance on Planning Primary and Secondary 29/05/15 | | 8
Aberdeen City Standards and Quality Improvement Plan 29/05/15 | | 8
South Lanarkshire Agreement for Working Time Arrangements 09/12/14 | | 4
East Dunbartonshire Local Agreement on the operation of the 35 hour working week in schools 09/12/14 | | 4
East Renfrewshire LA - Workload Review 2011 - 2012 01/10/14 | | 4

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