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The SNCT Handbook of Conditions of Service

Table of Contents

Circulars Pre 1 August 2007

SNCT/52 - Collegiality

SNCT/51 - Keeping in Touch Days

SNCT/50 - Distant Islands Allowance

SNCT/49 - Maternity and Adoption Leave and Pay

SNCT/48 - Employment Equality (Age) Regulations

SNCT/47 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/46 - Constitution and Appeals Procedure

SNCT/45 - Distant Islands Allowance

SNCT/44 - Maternity Support Leave, Adoption Leave and Paternity Leave

SNCT/43 - Adoption Leave

SNCT/42 - Communications Protocol

SNCT/41 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/40 - Appeals Procedure

SNCT/39 - Distant islands Allowance

SNCT/38 - Residential Special School Allowances

SNCT/37 - Job Sizing – Principal and Depute Principal Educational Psychologists

SNCT/36 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/35 - Salary Placement on to the Main Grade Salary Scale

SNCT/34 - National Teacher Induction Scheme Terms of Training Agreement

SNCT/33 - Salary Agreement 2004-2008

SNCT/32 - Salary Structure Quality Improvement Officers and Education Support Officers

SNCT/31 - Code of Practice on the use of Temporary Contracts

SNCT/30 - Educational Psychologists Salary Structure

SNCT/29 - Conditions of Service, Distant Islands Allowance

SNCT/28 - Job Sizing - Criteria to be Considered in Determining the Need for a Review of the Size of Promoted Posts

SNCT/28 - (Revised) Appendix 4 - Local Authority Information

SNCT/28 - (Revised) Appendix 3 - Guidelines

SNCT/28 - (Revised) Appendix 2 - Questionnaire

SNCT/28 - (Revised) Appendix 1 - Criteria

SNCT/27 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/26 - Changes to Scheme of Salaries and Conditions of Service and Previous SNCT Circulars 1 August 2003

SNCT/25 - Salary Progression as Part of the Chartered Teacher Programme June 2003

SNCT/24 - Job Sizing

SNCT/23 - Revised Grievance Framework - 2003

SNCT/22 - Changes to Maternity Provisions

SNCT/21 - Salaries and Conditions of Service Agreement - Music Instructors. Amendment to SNCT 13

SNCT/20 - Distant Islands Allowance

SNCT/19 - Addendum to SNCT Circular SNCT/16

SNCT/18 - Revised Disciplinary Framework - 2002/2003

SNCT/17 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/16 - Salaries and Conditions of Service Agreement Psychologists

SNCT/15 - National Teacher Induction Scheme 2002/2003 Terms of Training Agreement

SNCT/14 - The Position of Assistant Principal Teachers and Senior Teachers at August 2003

SNCT/13 - Salary Placement Regulations

SNCT/12 - Salaries & Conditions of Service Agreement - Education Advisers

SNCT/11 - Music Instructors Agreement

SNCT/10 - Distant Islands Allowance

SNCT/9 - Salaries Agreement 2001 - Amendment

SNCT/8 - Local Framework Recognition and Procedure Agreement

SNCT/7 - Remote Schools Allowance

SNCT/6 - Salary Placement Regulations

SNCT/5 - Salary Placement Structure

SNCT/4 - Music Instructors' Scale

SNCT/3 - Salaries Agreement 2001

SNCT/2 - Residential Schools Allowance

SNCT/1 - New Negotiating Machinery

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